January favorites

Okay, so we all know I’m not great at blogging on time. I’d love to talk about each session in depth, but I think it’s going to be easier for me to get caught up if I can change it up a bit. So let me show you a few of my favorite shots from January 2016.


The first three months of the year are historically slow for my business, because we’re coming right off holiday card season and everyone is recovering from the stress and travel. I was lucky to have a few adorable newborns, including one with a hilariously angry-looking cat! I was also very honored to shoot some maternity shots for dear friends of mine, who now have the sweetest little baby (you’ll see him later). Finally, I ended the month with a Valentine’s day photo booth. An unusual event for professional photos, maybe, but we had a super fun time and, aside from Halloween, it’s my favorite booth event I’ve done.


I’ve been asked about doing more booth events, because they’re so affordable for parents and you get some interesting shots. I’d love to do more of those, but my pregnancy has really reduced the amount of long days I can do! We’ll see how I’m feeling in January, perhaps.


(As always, click to enlarge these photos!)


Matilda | Houston Newborn Photographer


This session is particularly special to me because I’ve known this couple for nearly 15 years! We were at the same residential college during our time at Rice. More importantly, I really connected with them because Brandi ended up in the antepartum ward at Texas Children’s Women’s Pavilion- the same place I spent 2 months while pregnant with my own son. I can’t imagine how hard it was for Brandi and her family, because she already had one son “on the ground”. We were able to do their photos in various areas in the hospital, which created an unusual and fun challenge.

And a few short months later, I was back with the family to photograph baby Matilda! She’s so sweet, and so loved by her family (especially her brother!). We’ll be seeing more of this lovely family with a bluebonnet session soon!


Olivia and Nick | Houston Maternity Photographer

Speros-13I’m so excited to share this beautiful maternity session with you. It was already starting to get hot in April when I met Nick and Olivia at Sam Houston Park. We had a lovely time, and it just reminded me of how excited I was when I was expecting my own son. Olivia was a much more graceful and beautiful pregnant woman (I was an angry walrus), and I can’t wait to show you the newborn session we did only a few months later!