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Back in January, I posted images of Devin from May of 2015. Well, it’s May of 2016, and I just got back from my annual trip to visit my lovely niece and extended family. Except in the last 12 months, she has apparently turned into a FULL FLEDGED TEENAGER PERSON. I was totally flabbergasted at how grown-up she looks. Special shoutout to the amazing Natalie at Sephora in Polaris mall, who did her makeup with just the right balance of “cute” and “oomph”.

I have so much to say about this age, which I feel is wholly under-photographed. We take tons of pictures of our babies, plenty of blurry toddler photos, and then there’s this desert from about 5th grade until senior year (or quince, for some people). We’re missing out on SO MUCH. Preteens and young teenagers have a ton of personality and individuality, and they’re relegated to an annual yearbook photo that doesn’t even show off who they are. Anyway, rant over! Enjoy!

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