I’m back!

Hello! So I’m back, not only to blogging for Water Oak, but also back to shooting again from a brief maternity hiatus! Above is the newest addition to our family- Joey is a sweet little thing, and we are so happy to finally meet her.


While I was pregnant with Joey, we were also in the middle of another substantial project for our family… We built a house! We’re now settled in, having moved everything two weeks before the baby came. It was a wild time, and I am so glad to have things just be calm now. That said, blogging my sessions definitely went by the wayside, as they tend to do when things get hectic!


I’m going to be blogging various sessions, all out of order, and talking a little about how I love them, so look for those posts in the future! I’ve missed blogging and I REALLY missed my clients while I was on leave! Glad to be back!


Since tomorrow is father’s day, I’ll leave you with these images of my own guy and our little dudes.

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