The Black and White Truth


In 2016, I’m offering black and white conversions on selected files. I am super excited about this, but I’d bet you’re sitting there saying, “So what? My phone can do that. My computer can do that. The internet can do that.” And you’re not wrong… exactly.


The cool thing about these photos is that you can do the conversion in several ways and get totally different looks from each method. This allows your photographer to create a really striking image that is going to outshine the default B&W (sometimes called desaturate) setting on your favorite program.


Let’s take a look at just a few options, using a lovely photo of my cat, Luna. Above, you see the original color version of the photo. Here’s what happens if I convert with a blue filter, which makes all blues in the photo light:



Okay, cool. But now look when the same photo uses a red filter. Notice how details in the white fur are harder to see, and her eyes appear brighter:


Here’s an interactive slider, so you can go between the two versions to see the differences better. (Blue on the left, red on the right)


On top of those types of conversions, there are stylistic options, too. Here’s one with a slight brown cast, which makes it a bit softer to the eye:



Another one brings out a ton of detail in her face and fur, as well as making the blanket she’s laying on appear busier. There’s also a vignette on this photo, which slightly darkens the edges. A totally different look from the others:



And here’s one that’s even darker, which gives it and entirely different mood.



Kind of neat, huh?


The black and white conversions I’m offering for my 2016 clients will be a mixture of the above types (and many more!). Each image has a different emotion and color content, which helps determine the best conversion type to use. This will result in some lovely, original images that have a timeless look. Some of my favorite photos in my own house are large black and white prints!


And of course, if there are specific images you want to have as black and whites from your session, all you have to do is ask!

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