Photographic Style

You want to know more about how I shoot? First, let me teach you something you may already know!

There are many types of photography styles. In portrait photography, the two most common styles are traditionally posed portraits and lifestyle (photojournalistic) portraits. Traditional portraiture generally has everyone smiling at the camera in a clearly posed manner. Lifestyle portraiture captures more action, generally without the subjects directly engaging the camera. Got it?

So what do I do? I shoot a hybrid traditional/ photojournalistic style. I often give loose direction at first, like “Come sit on this bench and snuggle your baby,” or “Hold hands and walk toward that tree”. Then, I often move into more specific posing to help you look your best, which sounds something like, “Can you bring your right leg forward slightly?” or “Let’s get your hair out of your eyes here”.


What this does is allows me to capture very natural moments as well as some great classic shots to give you a variety of image types during your session. It also allows us to keep the session relaxed. There’s nothing worse than having a photographer give you no direction, so you’re standing there wondering if what you’re doing is the “right” thing… Except maybe having someone pose you so specifically that you’re afraid to breathe! I want you to walk away thinking, “Wow, that was super easy! …and maybe even a teeny bit fun?!” Oh yeah, dude. It’s gonna be fun.

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