Tips For a Great Shoot

Tips For Your Shoot

My goal is to make you look your best – this helps my business and makes you a happy customer! During our shoot, I will let you know if we need to correct a pose or outfit detail, so allow yourself to relax and have fun! Below are some tips to maximize the successfulness of your shoot.


General Appearance  |

  • Get a good night’s sleep, and stay hydrated! This alone will make a huge difference in your appearance in photos.
  • Avoid high salt foods, which contribute to bloating.
  • If you use a spray tanner or lotion, make sure your application is even, or stop using it a few weeks ahead of schedule to allow for streaks to fade. Don’t booth or beach tan for several weeks before your shoot. Tan lines look bad in photos- almost as bad as sunburns!
  • Moisturize! Dry skin can be very distracting in photos.
  • Have hair cut/colored a week or two before the session in case something goes wrong!

Clothing  |

  • Wear comfortable clothing in non-distracting patterns. No logos! Comfort is key- I don’t want you to feel stuffy! Stuffy isn’t fun!
  • Avoid white clothing- it draws the eye away from your face and can make natural whites (eyes, teeth) look bland.
  • Although darker clothing is more slimming, it’s more important to wear an outfit you love and makes you feel like you look awesome.
  • If you’re doing a family shoot, avoid matching outfits. Opt for coordinating colors that show each individual’s personality. Make sure they match in terms of formality (jeans vs. dress pants vs. suits and ties)
  • Don’t forget to accessorize (jewelry, jackets, vests, scarves, etc) – they really pull your outfit together. Avoid anything large, heavy, or distracting.
  • If we’ve planned on clothing changes, make sure to have all outfits together and ready to go, with foundation garmets (bras, underwear) that work for those outfits.
  • If you wear glasses every day, please wear them for the shoot! If you have an old pair without lenses, or can pop the lenses out of your frames, that’s the best option to ensure reduced glare. Otherwise, consider getting a cheap, lensless duplicate pair online.
  • Iron everything! If you’re wearing something that wrinkles easily, wait to change into it on location.

Men  |

  •  Shave with a new razor and use an after-shave moisturizer to reduce bumps and irritation. If you have facial hair, make sure to trim it to reduce wiry stray hairs. A hairbrush with a little hairspray on it will help tame facial hair and keep it in place.
  • Choose button-up shirts with long sleeves – rolled up sleeves can give the same appearance as short sleeves without the flappy ends.

Ladies  |

  • Make sure nail polish is fresh and chip-free, in a color that coordinates with your outfit choice.
  • Consider hiring a makeup artist for the best results- otherwise, Use light foundation that isn’t too powdery or cake-y. Photoshop is great at removing blemishes, but it’s hard to fix a bad foundation.
  • DO use a bit more blush and eye makeup then normal. Unlike foundation, it won’t look overdone.
  • Bring extra makeup and lip products! You’ll want to reapply. I suggest a light gloss to give your lips depth.
  • Avoid makeup products and body lotions with a large amount of glitter. Glitter eye products (shadow and liner) are fine.

Engagements  |

  • I will be featuring your hands in some of our shots! Make sure you have neatly manicured hands. (Guys, too!)
  • Bring hand cream to the shoot to moisturize!

Seniors  |

  • Bring items or props that show who you are and what you like to do. Jerseys, musical instruments, pets? 
  • Make sure to bring several outfit changes!
  • Does your school have guidelines for the yearbook photo? If so, please bring them to the shoot!
  • Avoid putting heavy makeup on blemishes – it’s easier and looks more natural to retouch them!
  • Some people are more comfortable if mom and dad aren’t standing there watching the shoot- Discuss this together and determine a plan! Parents, I know it’s fun to watch, but a comfortable kid takes better photos!

Babies  |

  • Bring outfit changes for the shoot. Simple, comfortable clothing is best. 
  • Bring meaningful props – a blanket knitted by grandma or a favorite toy.
  • Choose a session time that works with your schedule – Right after naps can be a great time.
  • During our session, I’m happy to take a break to feed or change diapers – getting great shots of babies takes patience!