Naomi Turns One

I love this family! They joined me at Casa Water Oak to celebrate Naomi turning one! Congrats, little Naomi! We ended up at Water Oak thanks to some pretty ridiculous rain- we’d planned to be outside, and I think it rained for exactly the length of the session and then stopped! I loved sharing this space with them and getting some fun, laid-back shots.



I did this session back in February, when I was 7 months pregnant. I really love shooting when I’m pregnant, because it makes me think out of the box about how to approach a session. Typically, I’d be lying on the ground, etc to get the right shot, and that’s just not feasible with a big belly!

Luckily for me, Gracie is always a pleasure, and we got some of my favorite shots of the season during her session. As a reminder, you can click to enlarge these images for easier viewing. Thanks for stopping by!


February Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite shots from February 2016! It was hard to narrow it down, but I really loved these sessions. The weather was starting to get warm, and we welcomed a few new babies (and anticipated the arrival of one more!) and enjoyed a birthday or two.

I find myself being drawn to many of these images because I feel like they’re authentic expressions of moments- less formal and posed, and more about having fun or feeling love in the moment. My favorite sessions are ones where¬†we work together to create special moments that are focused on the great emotions that come with raising kids: love, excitement, hilarity… It’s all good!

Overall, it was a wonderful month for Water Oak Families!


Grace | Houston Baby Photographer


Sweet little Grace turned one and had a cake smash. It was AWESOME. One of my favorite cake smashes to date… We did this session last April, and I remember the rain started just as we finished – how lucky is that? In addition to the cake smash, we did a few portraits of Grace as well as a few with her mom and dad. I love combo sessions like this. It’s super easy for the parents to get a good variety of images without all the stress of multiple sessions. Hope your next birthday is just as rad, Grace!


Jesse | Houston Baby Photographer

Jesse-2Jesse turned one! I love this family; we did a cake smash and family photos, as well as a few individual shots for mom and dad while I was there. Every once in awhile, a client will ask for “atypical” shots, like individual photos of mom or dad, and I am happy to oblige! It’s hard enough to get all dressed up with a baby in the house… Might as well take the opportunity to grab an updated shot of yourself! It was fantastic to meet Jesse’s grandparents, too, who got in on the photo action as well. I love involving grandparents in sessions! I wish I had more photos of myself with my own grandparents when I was a kid.

Anyway, I loved this session because Jesse was super displeased with being messy from the cake! No thank you, cake, he prefers clean hands! It was really cute, and we managed to talk him into a little bit of mess before he politely requested a bath. Check it out!



Cameron’s Big Surprise | Houston Baby Photographer

Cameron-3Cameron has some news, everyone: She’s going to be a big sister! When we took these photos, mom and dad didn’t know the gender of the baby, so we did photos with two different signs. This way, they were able to grab the images they needed for their pregnancy announcement… And we got in a few shots for Cameron’s birthday party invites, too!