I did this session back in February, when I was 7 months pregnant. I really love shooting when I’m pregnant, because it makes me think out of the box about how to approach a session. Typically, I’d be lying on the ground, etc to get the right shot, and that’s just not feasible with a big belly!

Luckily for me, Gracie is always a pleasure, and we got some of my favorite shots of the season during her session. As a reminder, you can click to enlarge these images for easier viewing. Thanks for stopping by!


February Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite shots from February 2016! It was hard to narrow it down, but I really loved these sessions. The weather was starting to get warm, and we welcomed a few new babies (and anticipated the arrival of one more!) and enjoyed a birthday or two.

I find myself being drawn to many of these images because I feel like they’re authentic expressions of moments- less formal and posed, and more about having fun or feeling love in the moment. My favorite sessions are ones where we work together to create special moments that are focused on the great emotions that come with raising kids: love, excitement, hilarity… It’s all good!

Overall, it was a wonderful month for Water Oak Families!


Matilda | Houston Newborn Photographer


This session is particularly special to me because I’ve known this couple for nearly 15 years! We were at the same residential college during our time at Rice. More importantly, I really connected with them because Brandi ended up in the antepartum ward at Texas Children’s Women’s Pavilion- the same place I spent 2 months while pregnant with my own son. I can’t imagine how hard it was for Brandi and her family, because she already had one son “on the ground”. We were able to do their photos in various areas in the hospital, which created an unusual and fun challenge.

And a few short months later, I was back with the family to photograph baby Matilda! She’s so sweet, and so loved by her family (especially her brother!). We’ll be seeing more of this lovely family with a bluebonnet session soon!


The Stewarts | Houston Family Photographer



The Stewarts contacted me last May to take photos of their son for his 4th birthday. They were so much fun! I love it when families let their kids choose the outfits and “props” for a session… It’s such a genuine experience.

When they contacted me in late November to shoot their daughter’s 2nd birthday, I was super excited to see them again! Rain didn’t stop us from documenting a lovely morning.

And then -this is a testament to my poor blogging skills- I had a session with the Stewarts just last weekend, when it was pretty chilly out! They were excellent sports and we got some more great images. You can really see the kids growing up in these sessions. I love this family so much!


Devin | Houston Portrait photographer


Devin is 13, and she’s just about the coolest kid you’ll ever meet. Maybe I’m biased because – full disclosure – she’s my niece, but I’m pretty sure you’d agree with me. We got together in Ohio and took some photos at a cool little park with some really neat old doors. We had a blast, and it reminded me of the last time we took photos… Um, she’s grown up juuuust a little since then!


Grace | Houston Baby Photographer


Sweet little Grace turned one and had a cake smash. It was AWESOME. One of my favorite cake smashes to date… We did this session last April, and I remember the rain started just as we finished – how lucky is that? In addition to the cake smash, we did a few portraits of Grace as well as a few with her mom and dad. I love combo sessions like this. It’s super easy for the parents to get a good variety of images without all the stress of multiple sessions. Hope your next birthday is just as rad, Grace!


Marcus | Houston Newborn Photographer

Marcus-36It’s little Marcus! We met Marcus last April; I went to college with his parents, and was so excited to see such an owl-y Rice-y room! (Good job, guys!) Marcus was (and is) such a joy of a kiddo. I have his newborns below, as well as a few images from a mini session in December, AND a video I did for them! Lots to look at! Keep on being awesome, Marcus!


(As always, click to enlarge photos!)