I did this session back in February, when I was 7 months pregnant. I really love shooting when I’m pregnant, because it makes me think out of the box about how to approach a session. Typically, I’d be lying on the ground, etc to get the right shot, and that’s just not feasible with a big belly!

Luckily for me, Gracie is always a pleasure, and we got some of my favorite shots of the season during her session. As a reminder, you can click to enlarge these images for easier viewing. Thanks for stopping by!


February Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite shots from February 2016! It was hard to narrow it down, but I really loved these sessions. The weather was starting to get warm, and we welcomed a few new babies (and anticipated the arrival of one more!) and enjoyed a birthday or two.

I find myself being drawn to many of these images because I feel like they’re authentic expressions of moments- less formal and posed, and more about having fun or feeling love in the moment. My favorite sessions are ones where we work together to create special moments that are focused on the great emotions that come with raising kids: love, excitement, hilarity… It’s all good!

Overall, it was a wonderful month for Water Oak Families!


Devin | Houston Portrait Photographer


Back in January, I posted images of Devin from May of 2015. Well, it’s May of 2016, and I just got back from my annual trip to visit my lovely niece and extended family. Except in the last 12 months, she has apparently turned into a FULL FLEDGED TEENAGER PERSON. I was totally flabbergasted at how grown-up she looks. Special shoutout to the amazing Natalie at Sephora in Polaris mall, who did her makeup with just the right balance of “cute” and “oomph”.

I have so much to say about this age, which I feel is wholly under-photographed. We take tons of pictures of our babies, plenty of blurry toddler photos, and then there’s this desert from about 5th grade until senior year (or quince, for some people). We’re missing out on SO MUCH. Preteens and young teenagers have a ton of personality and individuality, and they’re relegated to an annual yearbook photo that doesn’t even show off who they are. Anyway, rant over! Enjoy!


Ansel | Houston Newborn Photographer


We’ve had some serious rain down here in Texas, so what else is a gal to do but update the old blog? Ansel’s newborn session is being blogged out of order, because I just love it so much, I had to share it. 2016 has stood out as The Year of the Amazing Rugs and The Year of the Awesome Dogs. My clients are so stylish… And their pets are cracking me up! Ansel’s family is no exception. Enjoy!


The Stewarts | Houston Family Photographer



The Stewarts contacted me last May to take photos of their son for his 4th birthday. They were so much fun! I love it when families let their kids choose the outfits and “props” for a session… It’s such a genuine experience.

When they contacted me in late November to shoot their daughter’s 2nd birthday, I was super excited to see them again! Rain didn’t stop us from documenting a lovely morning.

And then -this is a testament to my poor blogging skills- I had a session with the Stewarts just last weekend, when it was pretty chilly out! They were excellent sports and we got some more great images. You can really see the kids growing up in these sessions. I love this family so much!